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Posts tagged: Roasting

Guest Espresso

Most of you, by now, have become well acquainted with the whole concept of the Single Origin Espresso. A few years back we started out with the occasional extra grinder set up with an extra special coffee for you all try. And, as you know, when done well it can...

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Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Koke Co-op

Whose to say why, but at Victrola, coffees from Ethiopia tend to tantalize us. (We like to think it is because we shun all things that hint at boring!) The Fair Trade and Organic Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Koke Co-op is no exception. Although we have all really enjoyed having the...

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How does deep taste?

It all started like this: a group of Vickie baristas/ managers/ roasters all gathered around the cupping room table, philosophizing about the experience we were about to undertake (Big questions like: How does deep taste?). Our mission: to taste 12 of the best espresso blends (including ours of course!) from...

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