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markatthetable It all started like this: a group of Vickie baristas/ managers/ roasters all gathered around the cupping room table, philosophizing about the experience we were about to undertake (Big questions like: How does deep taste?). Our mission: to taste 12 of the best espresso blends (including ours of course!) from across the country, blind, and experience them fresh and unbiased by our expectations. And this is how it ended: the finished cup With empty spit cups, shot glasses and bags of coffee (not in the picture: with headaches, rooms spinning, and and fingers twitching). But somewhere between the early joking about the coffee descriptions and the near faint inducing caffeine overdose, we stumbled upon something fairly remarkable: the realization that the coffee industry is really moving forward (and not just here in the coffee drenched NW), but all over, and we have a unique place in that. I think we all walked away excited: about our own espresso and about what is ahead. What does deep taste like?. We will see.

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