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Most of you, by now, have become well acquainted with the whole concept of the Single Origin Espresso. A few years back we started out with the occasional extra grinder set up with an extra special coffee for you all try. And, as you know, when done well it can be a great, even enlightening experience. For about the past year, we have made the single origin option a permanent fixture, rotating through great coffee from Brasil, or Indonesia (some of you may remember "The Guj" that had at least a few of our staff and regulars nearly bowing down to it's glory), or Ethiopia. Just as all of you are getting comfortable with the way things are going: walk into the cafe, try the SO (Single Origin) or the Streamline, and enjoy... We decide, on a whim, to throw you a bit of a curve ball. For the next few weeks WE WILL NOT HAVE A SINGLE ORIGIN. But what will we do? But why? Honestly, we just thought it would be fun and cheer filled to have our nutty, full bodied, spicy and rich Holiday Blend as a GUEST ESPRESSO. Yep, hanging out for just a short time our Holiday Blend will be on bar. As we speak (or I write?) I am drinking it in a Macchiato. Let me tell you, it is good. (And it was good.)

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