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23 Coffees

There is no better way to end a long and interesting week than with a massive cupping of some of the worlds finest coffees. By the end of Friday afternoon, Jodi, Chad, Daniel, April, Chris and I were high & happy from sniffing, slurping and (very little) spitting of the...

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Sample Roasting

While V2 is under construction, the mother-in-law cottage behind our house has become the "sample roasting shack". The kitchen shelves and drawers are filled with green bean samples and our lovely 100g Probat sample roaster stands proud on the counter. Chris is the master of the sample roaster and the...

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This morning our good friend Bruno (whose family grows the coffee we're currently featuring as a single origin espresso) arrived in the cafe with some very special guests: a posse of growers from Brazil responsible for the top award winning coffees from the 2005 Brazil Cup of Excellence competition. It...

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