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jodiauction.jpgThanks to Jodi's expert bidding skills and our friends at Solberg & Hansen in Oslo and Barefoot Coffee Roasters in California we won one of our favorite Colombia Cup of Excellence coffees, La Esperanza #1 this morning at auction! auctionscreen.jpgParticipating in these auctions is fun AND nervewracking! Fun when your group has the winning bid, nervewracking when you see another bidder keep upping the ante and pushing you out of your secure position OR when you are at the top of the bidding pile and you realize you might have to sell your first child in order to pay the exorbitant amount for that unbelievable bag of coffee!! This was the first time that we were responsible for doing all the bidding for our group. It involves sitting in front of the computer for several hours as the auction unfolds, making lots of phone calls back and forth with the members of the buying group to confirm that everyone is still on board as the price climbs and entering your bids to an online form. The auction page counts down in set increments of time. Every time a bid is placed, the clock refreshes itself and starts over. The auction ends when no bids have been placed within the set time increment. grouppic.jpgLa Esperanza #1, grown by Helio Francisco Rico and his family, is a beautiful coffee. We fell in love with it for its Kenya-like qualities and are looking forward to taking shipment on it sometime in the next few months. In the meantime, Daniel and Jodi will be holding a public cupping next Wednesday and will be featuring 6 of our favorite Colombia Cup of Excellence coffees including the Esperanza! If interested, please send an email to daniel(at)victrolacoffee(dot)com.

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