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Burundi Mpanga - Imported by Yours Truly - coming soon

  We write our own history. Victrola has always worked hard to be able to stand behind a coffee menu that is diverse, flavorful, unique and honors the farmers, producers and planet that gave us the product. Sometimes the story of a coffee highlights the men and women who harvest and mill...

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You like me! You really really like me!!

Coffee Review found our pulped natural heirloom Bourbon varietal coffee from Brasil Monte Verde Estate "particularly impressive". They say that "everyone should enjoy (its) deep, complex aromatics" and awarded it a score of 92. We are proud to be able to bring such wonderful roasts to you all - thank...

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New Single Origin Coffees from Ethiopia and Mexico

Drying Tables in Ethiopia Kochere We have some very special coffees to offer you this month - an heirloom varietal from Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and a natural coffee from Mexico. Read more here: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe & Mexico Nayaritavailable in-store and online 

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