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  Dan PhotoIf you would have told me 25 years ago that I would be a part of an amazing coffee company consisting of 122 people, two brands, and be a respected player in a relatively small but growing coffee culture, I would have laughed. Yet here I am proud and astounded. I have been so very lucky to form and work with an amazing team of people. My teams deep commitment and passion has helped me to become a better leader and person and has fueled Victrola & Whidbey Coffee’s growth. Growing a business has taught me to understand when to speed up or slow down. I have learned to deal with all the issues the government may hand me while continuing to encourage people to move towards a common goal and celebrate together when we reach that goal. Those are the things that will continue to be the heart of what I do. Today Victrola Coffee continues to search for great coffees, great people, and great customers to have amazing, caffeinated conversations with. Victrola Coffee is unique in that you won't find it in every street corner cafe, or local grocery store. We search for those partners that can best represent what we do, and can continue our conversation. It is an honor as well a welcome responsibility for me to continue on my path to grow such an amazing company.  

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