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Victrola's first release of 2014 is this wonderful pulped natural from Brasil Carmo de Minas. It is balanced and smooth and we're excited to share it with you - find it at the Seattle cafes on the Pour Over bar or take some home for yourself! 


Town: Carmo de Minas, Minas Gerias

Region: Mantiquieras de Minas

Elevation: 4100 ft

Process: Pulped Natural

Varietals: Yellow Bourbon

Producer: Jose Roberto Canato


Tasting Notes

Fragrance/Aroma: Cacao, Honeycomb

Flavor: Chocolate, Orange, Marzipan

Body: Medium-Full

Finish: Clean and Juicy

Acidity: Balanced

Situated in an ideal location in the Mantiquieras de Minas region of SE Brasil, Monte Verde Estate produced this beautiful pulped natural yellow bourbon varietal coffee. Over the past six years, Jose Roberto and Ligia Canato have dedicated themselves to producing exceptional coffees while being socially and environmentally responsible. Monte Verde Estate provides transportation to the municipal school in Carmo de Minas for children of the families who live on the farm and mindfully preserves the surrounding wild lands. Tasting profiles of this beautiful coffee include aromatics of honeycomb and cocoa which give way to flavors of chocolate, orange and almond paste. Victrola’s Brasil Monte Verde features a medium body and balanced acidity while all is carried by a remarkably clean mouthfeel.

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