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It’s that time of year - nights are getting longer, the cold has set in and a season’s worth of holidays brings family and friends together. With this in mind, we are pleased to bring you this year’s Holiday Blend. In the tradition of Holiday Blends past, we aim for a profile that is rich, sweet, and heavy bodied, with hints of chocolate and spices - a comforting cup that is easy to like. We roast the Holiday blend a little darker than our single origin coffees, drawing out more body in the coffee and making it a coffee that is delicious on its own but that is nicely complemented by cream. This year, as in the past, we've composed Holiday Blend of three coffees that come together to produce a sweet and full cup sure to please anyone. The base of the blend is a clean, crisp strictly high grown coffee from the Guya’b cooperative in Guatemala. A washed Nicaraguan coffee from Beneficio Las Segovias adds body, sweetness and spice. The blend is rounded out with a heavy, fruity natural coffee from the Rwenzururu Kingdom in western Uganda. These three coffees combine to create a heavy, rich cup, exhibiting milk chocolate, molasses, dry spice and a hint of pine. Available online or in the cafes - Retail 12oz packages $13.25 We hope you and yours enjoy the holidays with this special annual blend. Get it while you can as it is only available through the New Year!


Who Wants a Brew Kit?!

Image We've put together some awesome deals on Brew Kits for the coffee-obsessed people in your life. You know who I'm talking about - the cousin who has the punch card for every cafe in the state, your dad who loves the ritual of baking, cooking & preparing food, your sister who has every gadget out there but lacks the tried-and-true coffee tools. They need a Hario Brew Kit or a Chemex brew package. Each include a Victrola mug and are wrapped and ready to go. Just add a bag of fresh roasted coffee! Available at Seattle Victrola cafes on 15th Ave E and E Pike St. Hario Brew Package Includes: Hario V60 Dripper, Package of paper filters, Hario Range Server, Hario Scale & Timer, Hario Drip Station, 10oz Victrola Mug - Reg. $185.00, on sale for $160.72! Deluxe Hario Package Includes: Hario V60 Dripper, Package of paper filters, Hario Range Server, Hario Scale & Timer, Hario Drip Station, 10oz Victrola Mug -AND- Hario Buono Kettle! - Reg. $250.00, on sale for $217.25! Chemex Brew Kit Includes: 6 Cup Wood Collar Chemex, Package of Paper Filters, Hario Scale & Timer, 10oz Victrola Mug - Reg. $127.00, on sale for $107.40! You can find these items separately as well - take a peek at Victrola's online store! Happy Holidays & Stay Warm!

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