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...I knew that you could! We welcome another Peaberry from Kenya this month. It's a Kenya-bonanza this season and you are the lucky crowd who gets to taste them both! You've already been introduced to the Kenya Embu Kiviuvi Peaberry - now we'd like to introduce you to the Kenya Nyeri Gura directly from the Othaya Co-op. Brought to us by our good friend, Jim Kusak, pictured here with friends at the farm on location, these coffees are truly a cooperative effort. On the far left sits Edward, an agronomist at KCCC. Jim is standing in the middle of the the table and to his left stands the Chairman of the board at the Cooperative. Members of the Society sit at the table as well including the GM at the far end of the group. Over 30% of the members of the Cooperative in Kenya are women. Image

Kenya has a reputation of producing some of the finest and most complex coffees in the world. Victrola’s new peaberry from Nyeri lives up to that reputation. This particular lot comes to us from the Othaya Cooperative in Nyeri County. Othaya operates 18 coffee factories, or wet mills, one of which is the Gura Mill located on the banks of the fast flowing Gura River and processes the Kenya you see here.


Numerous highly-skilled, small scale coffee farmers grow in the rich volcanic soil of the Aberdare mountain range and bring their harvest to the mill to be processed. One of the key stages of production, pictured here, is immediately sorting the coffee cherries and selecting only the bright red ripe cherries to be pulped and processed. Quality controls, such as this one, are one of the reasons we are continually impressed with Kenyan coffees.

Image While we are assured the each mill we purchase coffee from has similar, strict quality standards, this does not imply that the coffees being produced at each mill offer the same experience in the cup. This lot, produced at the Gura Mill, has sweet and juicy aromatics of vanilla, chocolate and blackberry with complex berry and herbal quality in the cup and a lingering, winey finish. Our other current offering from Kenya, the Embu Kiviuvi, is also a peaberry lot but displays brighter, more grapefruit like citrus qualities. Facts Wet Mill: Gura Region: Nyeri County Elevation: 5577-5900 ft Process: Washed Varietals: SL 28, SL 34, some Ruiri 11 Producer: Othaya Farmer’s Cooperative Society Tasting Notes Fragrance/Aroma: Vanilla, Chocolate, Blackberry Flavor: Blackberry, Winey, herbal Body: Full Finish: Dry, Winey, Earthy Acidity: Juicy You can find this coffee at our Seattle cafes as well as online. Here's a reminder about what the Kenya Embu Kiviuvi, Victrola's other Kenya peaberry, is all about. Here are some more photos from the Mills and Cooperatives in Kenya from which we're getting these delicious coffees: KENYA STREET SCENEKENYA PULPING MACHINEsmall   KENYA WASHING PULPED COFFEE KENYA WASHING PULPED BEANS OTHAYA FARMERS CO-OP HQKENYA SORTING - A COOPERATIVE EFFORT!KENYA SORTING CHERRIESKENYA RWAMA FARMER HQKENYA EMBU CO-OP SIGNKENYA WASHED PROCESSINGKENYA RAISED DRYING BEDSKENYA TURNING BEANS FOR EVEN DRYINGKENYA RAISED BEDS AND FIELDKENYA RAISED DRYING BEDSCO-OP EMPLOYEESKENYA KIDS AT THEMILLKENYA MAN AT OFFICESKENYA ABERDARE MOUNTAIN RANGE

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