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This beautiful peaberry coffee comes from the Kiviuvi Mill which borders the Mt. Kenya forest on the southeast edge of Mount Kenya. The 4000 member cooperative society was founded in 2001 and operates one wet mill in Embu County.


Take note of the unusual shape of these beans. Usually, two seeds develop inside the coffee cherry resulting in seeds with a rounded side and a flat side. In about 5% of coffee crops, one side of the seed never fully develops and the remaining seed grows into an ovoid shape leaving what you see here. These seeds, called peaberries, are occasionally sorted out of the rest of the lot making them especially rare. We are very pleased to offer two different peaberry lots from Kenya this year, this one from the Kiviuvi Mill and another from the Gura mill.

In the cup, Victrola’s Kenya Kiviuvi exhibits some classic Kenyan aromatics and flavors: sweet tomato notes cooling into ruby red grapefruit, sparkling acidity and pleasing mouthfeel. Available in the cafes in Retail packages or as Brewed French Press and Pour-Over. Also available Online. Get it!

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