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Honduras Santa Barbara Beneficio San Vicente Caracolillo and Nicaragua Dipilto Beneficio Las Segovias Maracaturra

2014 is full of flavor here at Victrola Coffee! May we share with you two new releases from Latin America. One is a lovely refined microlot peaberry and the other is a gigantic Maracaturra varietal from Nicaragua. You may remember the 'Big Nic' from last year - it's back in all its full-bodied savory-cedar-y goodness.


Honduras Santa Barbara - Beneficio San Vicente - Caracolillo   18.75/12oz

Facts: Towns:  El Cielito, El Cedral, El Sauce, Las Flores Region: Santa Barbera Elevation: 1450-1700m Process: Washed Varietals: Catuai, Pacas and Lempira Producer: Beneficio San Vicente Tasting Notes: Fragrance/Aroma: milk chocolate, maple, walnuts, toasted pecans Flavor: berry medley:black cherry, raspberry, strawberry maple cream sweetness Body: lush Finish: clean Acidity: bright and well balanced

medium circle roast BIG NIC

Nicaragua Dipilto - Beneficio Las Segovias - Grupo Suyatal - Maracaturra  $14.25/12 oz

Facts: Wet Mill: Beneficio Las Segovias Town:  Ocotal Region: Dipilto Elevation: 4265 ft Process: Washed Varietals: Maracaturra Producer: Suyatal Producer’s Group Tasting Notes: Fragrance/Aroma: Baking Cocoa, Oak, Sage, Muscovado Sugar Flavor: Cedar, Savory quality of sage, basil flowers, and wood. hints of fig and molasses Body: Full Finish: Dry, Herbaceous Acidity: Mellow

oh and one more thing...


Go Hawks!

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