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The donation season is upon us! Donating to Non-Profit organizations is a super important part of Victrola's ethos. Many local schools, cultural and art guilds, community clubs and outreach organizations depend on the generosity of their neighbors to continue to offer their services. Without the effort of these hard-working groups, Seattle loses its connection to one another & our helping spirit dwindles. The spirit of giving goods and services in order to aid local organizations is alive at the roastery this season. We are proud to be able to donate items for auctions to benefit local non-profits like Bikweworks, Capitol Hill Co-op Preschool, NW Burn Foundation, Hollow Earth Radio, Global Visionaries, Velocity, Denise Louie Education Center, Centro de la Raza, and NW Film Forum. Please visit their websites to find out about these wonderful organizations' upcoming fundraising events and attend them! You'll find lots of local goodies to bid on and feel a great sense of community!

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