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Why try the new Yirgacheffe? Well, it is warm here in Seattle, the flowers are blooming, and even though it is only the beginning of March, it is time for this exceptional Spring coffee. For those looking for a delicate, floral coffee with both intense sweetness and acidity will love it! Yirgacheffe is the most heralded coffee region in Ethiopia, known for producing delicate and complex coffees that are loved by coffee aficionados around the world. Coffee from the Koke region is particularly good. Reaching heights of almost 6,000 feet, coffee from this high growing region is distinictive. It is harvested by small-hold farmers in the area from indigenous coffee varietals. The genetics, elevation, and soil contribute to the sweetness, acidity, and complex flavors found in the coffee. Tasting Notes: In the aroma: hints of gardenia and rose; in the cup: bright lemony-citrus acidity balanced by intense sweetness, light body. Price: $19/ lb

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