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[gallery] The past month or so we have been spending some serious time in the lab, working to perfect a Victrola endorsed Home Brewing Guide. The methods in the guide range from the familiar or even mundane (like the classic "drip") to the exotic and novel (like the siphon or vacuum pot). Along with the guide we have expanded our retail brewing options. 4 Cup Bodum Chambord French Press: $39.99 Yama 5 Cup Vacuum Pot: $79.95 Bee House Dripper: $19.95 Maestro Conical Burr Grinder: $139.95 Vickies recommend the Burr Grinder to anyone serious about any brew method. It is a quality machine that is quick, precise and nearly fool-proof. The Bee House dripper is the perfect single cup option. This very simple, pour-over makes a super-clean, great tasting cup of coffee. Bodum French Press is a great alternative to a home drip machine. Make a number of slightly gritty, delightful, tasty, and well bodied cups at once. Developed in the 1840's and super popular in Japan, the Vacuum Pot is making a resurgence in the States. For the lab geek in us all, this slightly complicated, delicate brew process produces an uncanny cup of coffee (honestly when I tried it, it was like tasting coffee for the first time all over again!).

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