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This January we have a "once in a blue moon" sort of experience on our hands. For the first time ever we have three amazing coffees from Guatemala on our menu boards. In addition to the Guatemala Santa Rosa, Finca Los Cimientos, Direct Trade and the Guatemala Fraijanes, Finca De Dios, Direct Trade released last month, we have just added the brand new crop of Guatemala Finca Vista Hermosa to our menu. In the cup, the FVH has a subtle aroma with hints of raisin and cocoa. A well-balanced, pleasant acidity, combines with pronounced notes of chocolate and toffee to form a complex and interesting coffee. A subtle, plantain-like sweetness permeates the experience. For over 50 years, in the hills of Huehuetenango, the Martinez family has developed a great reputation by producing only the highest quality coffee. You'll find that the care and respect these farmers have for their land shines through in this complex, rich and satisfying coffee. Guatemala Finca Vista Hermosa $7.50/ 1/2 lb Availability: Retail, French press, Pour Over and Single Origin Espresso

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