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While Shangrila may be but a mere mythical place of harmony- an imagined earthly paradise, ever sought but never found, drinking a cup of our Cup of Excellence El Salvador San Jose- Shangrila gets close. The El Salvador, is unbelievably well balanced, citrusy and chocolatey, earthy with a pleasent acidity. The honey aroma, subtle green grape flavor and exceedingly clean finish make for a lively, fresh cup. As it cools kumquot flavors emerge. Delightful. And as if the experience of drinking this coffee is not enough, you can feel good about purchasing a coffee. The farmer, Juan Carlos was paid and exceedingly good price, the land and the native plant and animal life are well cared for, and the protection of the air and water are a priority. Cup of Excellence El Salvador San Jose- Shangrila $21.98/ lb Available very soon. Retail, Pour Over, and the occasional extra special French Press.

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