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Chuck's winning pour Chuck Lambert from Victrola! Here is how the night went: A full slate of competitors (32 in all) came together to fight it out for a pot of $320 and for the chance to be one of the ten finalists to compete in our live online Seattle v. LA latte art Smackdown in September. Dozens more came to cheer them on. The contestants were judged on a number of criteria, from definition and symmetry to beauty, on a scale of 1-90. the judging was blind, with 3 judges- one each from Victrola, Fonte and Zoka, and only a number sign to identify each drink. 1. Winner Chuck Lambert not only won the tournament but also got the highest score of anyone with 84.25 2. Nick Harberg, Zoka Coffee & Tea, 82.5 3. Michael Lewis, Victrola, 82 4.. Laila Ghambari, VCL, 78.25 5. Alex Negranza, Why Not Coffee, 78 6. Tom Pikaart, Tougo, 78 7. Stephen Robinson, Victrola, 76 8. Jeremy McDermott, Victrola, 76 9. Kelleen Blanchard, Victrola, 75 10. Amanda Whitt, Victrola, 74 Click here to see more Photos or here for some video clips of the event. Special thanks to Visions Espresso, Zoka, Fonte and everyone who helped make it happen. This event wouldn't have been possible without baristas from different companies in Seattle coming together and making it happen.

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