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green_Tanzania_Peaberry Tanzania Mbeya Hope, Mbozi District - Peaberry Why we love this coffee (and why you should too!): Well, first of all, it is a great coffee (it has fruit flavors, golden raisins and dried pear, a gentle wine-like acidity, a nice medium body and a clean finish- a sort of love at first sight (or taste) combination, for Perry and the rest of the roasting room). Aside from the romance, we love this coffee because it comes with a really compelling story that hits at some of Victrola's core, down in the heart, values: our belief that by building fairer payment systems and supportive infrastructure for coffee farmers, everyone can win, from the producer to the consumer. It all started in 2003 when the Lima company founded the Hope Project. They built 23 pulping stations across the districts of Mbozi and Makambako to process the coffee of the 90,000 farmers the project buys cherry from. These pulping stations are distributed around the project area and ensure that the coffee is processed immediately after picking, a necessary step to producing quality coffee in a country where water resources are scarce. Farmers are also paid higher than market prices through a system that evens out price fluctuations for cherry during the harvest season. These fluctuations in cherry price throughout the harvest used to motivate farmers to pick their coffee when prices were high, not when the cherry was ripest. After harvest a second payment is made to the farmers to balance the market influence, giving farmers the incentive to pick only ripe coffee. Great farming practices and great coffee - A hope we can all believe in. Availability: Retail, French Press, Iced Toddy, Pour-Over (V2 only) Price: $15/lb

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