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trubru About a month or so ago, a group of us were sitting around, talking about ways for us to really showcase our new coffee release. We were just about ready to place the $30/lb Ethiopia Beloya on the shelf and we wanted the average interested customer who walked through the door to be able to sit and savor this great coffee, with as much clarity and purity of flavor as possible. Here's what we came up with: An Epiphany! (Note: At least from my own experience: Epiphanies most often occur, when the scales come off, our eyes are opened, and we see what now seems like the most obvious thing in the world). What we needed, was not some fancy, complicated machine, but something so simple and so basic that for some reason we had previously over-looked it. The brew method, alternately known as a Melitta or a Pour-Over, consists of a simple stand, a filter and a cup. Step one: wet filter. Step two: put in the coffee. Step three: pour water over the coffee and Voila! great, pure, amazing coffee (well, of course you have to have your proportions right, and your temperature on, and then there is your grind...). Already, as I write you can have one of these excellent cups of coffee at the Roastery on Pike ($2.75 for a twelve-ouncer), soon up at 15th too.

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