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We've JUST released our new crop Ethiopia Harar "Boldgrain" to you! Fresh of the boat from East Africa, this coffee is pretty darn good, as you'll read:

This year’s new crop of Harars has been highly anticipated, so we had high hopes ourselves for this particular coffee. Branded as “Boldgrain” by its shipping company, this high-end coffee is double handpicked to ensure fewer defective beans (and thus, more consistent cup quality). We appreciate the extra work, as every cup we’ve sampled so far has featured blueberry muffins in the fragrance, hints of apricot and vanilla flavor, and a thick, syrupy body. Fruity, with low acidity − we’re certain you’ll enjoy this classic Harar!

Yum! You may have already caught some of our sneak previews in the French presses of our cafes, but now you can get it in whole bean form either online or at the cafes. Stop in and check it out!

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