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Courtesy of Atlas Coffee Allright folks, get your coffee engines revved up, because we have two (that’s right: two!) new coffees to offer you! The Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere Grade 2, and the Rwanda Kinunu 100% Bourbon, AA!!! We’ve had many requests to get more Yirg on the shelves, so Keith has been pulling extra time fine-tuning the Kochere… and it is delightful! Here’s what we thought about it: We haven’t had the pleasure of personally visiting the community of Kochere… but our friendly local importers at Atlas Coffee have! The people of Kochere’s attention to detail in their growing and processing practices so impressed Atlas, that they committed to funding the building of a well for the growers and their families. We can only imagine this will make their coffee taste even better, although it’s pretty darn good already: at first taste, the lime and rock candy flavors hit you with their tart sweetness; then, in creeps a bit of coconut. As it cools, the body becomes thicker, but still maintains the clean finish and delicate acidity of this classic Yirgacheffe. It might just be the perfect coffee to sip on a morning when you can’t be bothered to hurry. After waiting for what seemed an eternity, the Rwanda finally arrived last week, and it is officially my new favorite coffee that we have! Check it out: Straight from the heart of Africa, this 100% Bourbon varietal coffee from the Kinunu washing station is painstakingly sorted (and therefore given the highest grading possible: AA). But don’t take for granted the official word; taste for yourself the orange peel, tangerine, honeysuckle, and toasted cloves. Combined with a creamy consistency and light acidity, this may just be the ultimate coffee drinker’s coffee. As usual, we’ll be pressing these at our cafes, where you can also buy them as whole bean. And if you’re not in the neighborhood, you can order them online!

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