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Perry coddles the new arrival

That's right, these little baby bags (only 50lbs from the usual 150lbs... that's a big baby!) arrived yesterday. As we tend to do with coffee, and especially with really good coffee like this #4 Best of Panama Katowa Organico, we're going to roast it up today and have it available for sale both online and in-store within a couple days (we've got to taste it first for...uh... quality control :). Check out the Katowa Farm:

katowafarm.jpg Old mill

This coffee comes to us from the Boquete growing regions of Panama. Grown at an elevation of 4500-5600ft, these Tipica and Caturra varietals received a cupping score of 89.61 by the Best of Panama competition's international panel of judges, placing it as #4 overall! We love it for, as the judges say, "its bright, expressive, clean, sweet berries, velvety, floral, lemon, and citrus" qualities. In other exciting news, we found a rogue bag of the Nicaragua Cup of Excellence Terra Linda/San Antonio! We thought we were out, but are now pleased to offer it to you... again! P.S. This just in: the Panama Katowa will be on the table at our public cupping tomorrow at 1pm.  Stop on by and give it a try before everyone else!

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