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Tasty stuff! Don't worry, we still have our famous house-made sandwiches available, but now we have more to choose from!  That's right; we got wraps; we got salads; and we even gotta breakfast sandwich.  Yum!  All made locally by one of our favorite ex-victrolans, Curt, as the frontman for Domovoi Happy Foods.  We're very pleased to have Domovoi in our cafes... just read the following and I'm sure you'll agree: "Domovai uses all natural ingredients, with a leaning towards organics.  Our meats are all free range, with no sulfites or growth hormones used in their production.  Out eggs come from free range chickens.  Our menu items are naturally low in fats, and are made with a consciousness of raising the body's pH alkalinity, an essential ingredient to overall health.  We use only cold pressed olive oil and safflower oils."  Straight from this horse's mouth: I had the Thai Veggie and Tofu wrap the other day, and the veggies were fresh and crisp, the tortilla was fresh and soft, and the peanut sauce was deeeelicious.

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