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Awww, look how sad Keith is! We're roasting up the last batch, so put your orders in, or run down to your closest Victrola cafe, for the last chance to get some of our ultra-tasty Cup of Excellence coffee from those amazing farmers, Maria Tercera Alfaro and sons. Read on if you'd like to see what she has to say about it:

My name is Maria Tereza Tercera Alfaro, 69 years old mother of 6 children and live in Ocotal, Nueva Segovia. We acquired our property Terra Linda/ San Antonio located in Mozonte, Nueva Segovia, by trading a truck that my son sent from the U.S.A. to my husband Chente Vilchez, may he rest in peace, with a small property from a person that was interested in a truck at the time. My husband was a man of action and made the decision to buy more land on credit from a person from Ocotal, he worked this land until he passed away.

I have dedicated the last three years to running our farm ever since my husband passed away. With the help of my nephews that also have farms near by, and the hard workers on the farm, we have made a huge effort to achieve high quality in our coffee. Although the height, weather, and abundant water supply favor us for quality.

Even though there are great dangers in our area I am very motivated by the help of my nephews and the second win I obtain in the Cup of Excellence. Winning two years in a row indicates to me that the are obtaining and maintaining the quality necessary to win the Cup of Excellence and as long as God allows me to live I will participate in said event. With the premium obtained from last years auction we were allowed to payoff the debt my husband had acquired by purchasing the farm on credit.

All of this allows me to see the quality of the coffee that we are producing and for that quality to be enjoyed by the most demanding markets in the world.

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