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pa2007.jpgWe spent the better part of yesterday morning checking in on the bidding frenzy for the 25 Best of Panama coffees. Our hearts were set on the #4-ranked coffee, the Katowa Organico (which we got a couple years back when it was ranked #7), which our bidding group (consisting of our buddies at Ritual Roasters of San Francisco and Barefoot Coffee Roasters of Santa Clara... special thanks to Andy Newbom at Barefoot who did all the stressful bidding) won! Look forward to seeing that on the shelves soon. Here is a view from the Katowa Farm: 20070516080517-imagen-0961.jpg However, the real excitement was watching the #1 ranked Hacienda la Esmeralda climb up to a record-smashing $130/lb green!! Holy smokes! However, keep your fingers crossed, because we're working our connections to get our hands on some of this amazing coffee as well.

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