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panama.jpg We are learning that the key to a successful round of sample roasting should include many beers (or tequila or even bourbon), Wilco and an occasional thunderstorm. panamasamples.jpg panamaupclose.jpg Under Chris' tutelage, Jodi learned the art of sample roasting at our very fine mother-in-law roasting shack. With 31 coffees in the Best of Panama competition this year..that is about 8 hours of sample roasting spread out over a couple of days..Jodi was the master of the Probat when it was all over. jandc.jpg jodisampleroast.jpg Chris has a very special "cooling technique" that was passed on to Jodi which involves taking the roasted sample outside for some fresh air and blowing on it to cool it off as quickly as possible. Cooling beans as quickly as you can when they come out of roaster is key to stop the chemical reaction that keeps on keepin' on while the beans are hot. cooling.jpg samplecooling.jpg I had never had a coffee from Panama until last year. Some of them were the most incredible coffees I had ever tasted (who knew that coffee could taste like bergamot?). This year is no different. The top 8-9 coffees were especially fantastic. Even in their green state, these coffees smelled wonderful. Chris couldn't keep his nose out of them. chrissniff.jpg The online auction will take place tomorrow and we have our sights set on our favorite of the bunch. We are hopeful that with a little help from our friends (you know who you are) all will go well. We have our bottle of celebratory tequila just waiting to be cracked open.... panamagreen.jpg

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