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cupping2.jpg We had another great turnout this past Saturday for Part 2 in our four part educational series. This second class was all about espresso. We cupped some of the coffees in our Streamline blend and then tasted them prepared as single origin shots. Many folks have never experienced how radically different coffees can taste depending on the brew method. It was super fun and I am pretty sure many of those in attendance might still be high from all the caffeine that was ingested. Don't miss part three on Saturday, June 3 Best of Panama This is your opportunity to compare super-high-grade coffees from one country, to compare the often-surprising differences between coffees from different estates. We participated in the Best of Panama auction last year and found some truly amazing coffees, and we’re looking forward to sampling this year’s crop. To sign yourself up email Daniel at daniel(at)victrolacoffee(dot)com

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