It's not a Secret...

Really, it's not. You can tell your friends, tell your mom, your iguana, your neighbor and your boss. It's OK - I'm giving you permission to let the secret out. Don't hold it in any longer - it will feel so great to just SAY IT. In fact - SING IT! Sing it to the tune of 'Thrift Shop' or 'Barracuda' or 'Don't Stop Believing'. Because you know that's how excited you'll be when I tell you that you're about to enter a world of unlocked mysteries and wonder. A world that embraces you with warm and fragrant arms of coffee knowledge & the promise of whimsically enlightening tales and delightful stories of the cafe and roastery world. Followthis link to receive the Victrola Newsletter and you'll see what I mean. Then spread the word & shout it to the mountain tops! Coffee Love for everyone! More ways to keep up on the mystery: Facebook: Victrola Coffee Roasters & Twitter: @VictrolaCoffee social-networking-thumbs-up-coffee-mug

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