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The El Cielito village in Honduras is home to farm owner Denis Teruel who brought us this superb washed coffee. Victrola scored the majority of the yield this season and we're proud to share it with you! Please enjoy a few notes from the cupping table below: Facts Producer Name: Denis Teruel Farm: Las Brisas Village: El Cielito Region: Santa Barbara Altitude:4888-4987 ft. Process: Washed Varietals: Pacas, Bourbon Bags Produced: 12 Mill: Beneficio San Vicente Tasting Notes Fragrance/Aroma: Maple Syrup, Toffee, Honey Flavor: Honey, Milk Chocolate, Toffee, Black Cherry, Raisins Body: Satiny Smooth Finish:  Sweet Milk Chocolate Acidity: Balanced, Crisp Roaster's Notes Coffee producer Denis Teruel’s small farm, Finca Las Brisas, only produces twelve 150 lb. bags of green coffee each year.  Victrola was fortunate enough to have acquired seven of them!  On his five acre farm in the Honduran village of El Cielito, Denis grows the respected pacas and bourbon coffee varietals.  The coffees are pulped and washed on his farm, and then carefully dried at the award-winning San Vicente mill. Sr. Teruel’s coffee shows unbelievable balance and sweetness in the cup.  Both the aroma and flavor present notes of honey and toffee, with suggestions of black cherry as well.  Upon cooling the coffee remains luscious, then mellows toward milk chocolate.  The mouthfeel is satiny smooth throughout. In recent years Honduras has made great strides in bringing exceptional coffees to market.  In the past, transportation and processing issues have created challenges for a country that has all the right ingredients to produce great coffee.  At the center of this shift is Beneficio San Vicente, a coffee mill in the Santa Barbara region of western Honduras. Located in the town of Peña Blanca and run by agronomist Angel Arturo Paz, Beneficio San Vicente has processed numerous Cup of Excellence winners from the surrounding villages of El Cielito, El Cedral, and Las Flores in recent years.  The coffees from these areas are known for their sweetness, lush fruit, and balance.  Victrola has picked up two beautiful coffees from San Vicente this year: the Denis Teruel microlot and a tiny one bag picolot for our Reserve menu called Caracolillo (peaberry in Spanish) from El Cielito and El Cedral. Available online by the pound for $20 or in the cafes at $15 per 12oz bag 

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