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This past week, to much fanfare, the Eastside's mad scientist kitchen (and invention central), Intellectual Ventures, released the nearly 40 pound Modernist Cuisine cookbook. To say the least, this is not your mother's Betty Crocker. It proclaims a revolution “in techniques, aesthetics and intellectual underpinnings of gastronomy." The book is scientific, quirky, and beautiful. It cuts things in half, breaks things down chemically, and totes the advantages of cooking things very, very slow (and at very low temperatures). The Modernist Cuisine devotes an entire chapter (50 pages!) to coffee. Much of the research and all of the photographs were done right here at the Victrola Roastery. The latte art is poured by our very own Charles Lambert, the hands in the photos are his too! Chef, co-author, and Victrola regular Chris Young (who just happens to be adorable and charming to boot, see the video of him in the kitchen here.) is obsessed with great coffee. He believes that even the worlds top restaurants serve mediocre coffee. Coffee is not engaged as a part of the gastronomical event, it is not culinary, but a mere afterthought. His goal is to show these obsessed top-tier chefs the light. He wants coffee to get the respect it is due- and so do we! Details and pictures at Coffee Geek.

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