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Victrola's BREW HA HA! Saturday October 30th - 7pm-11pm, at the Roastery, 310 E. Pike St. All right in one week we go from the coffee of the year to the party of the year, I promise I am not crying wolf! THE PARTY OF THE YEAR! Grab that favorite latte art pitcher, brush up on your pour-over skills and dust off a fabulous Halloween costume because you're going to The Victrola BREW HA HA!! Prepare for a ruckus night of dancing, costumes, and heated coffee competition!! We've got three great events lined up and all with fabulous prizes! This year the really exciting prizes (THANK YOU ESPRESSO PARTS!!), are for the brewing competition! What a great opportunity for any barista to show off their killer skills. We provide the coffee and the brewing equipment, you bring only your expertise, then local roasters and industry folks judge. 1st Place: Karma Brewer Station, 2 Hario V60 Drippers, filters, & a scale! 2nd Place: Hario Dripper & Filters, & hand grinder! 3rd Place: Chemex brewer, filters, scale & hand grinder! Check out Barista Exchange for more information.

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