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I crown the Ethiopia Sidama and Shakisso Nekisse as the Coffee of the Year- hands down- no contest. All right, every coffee we release is good, many are complex, and some even compelling. The Ethiopia Sidama Shekisso Nekisse may just be life changing. At the very least it will change the way you taste coffee. Exploding with ripe fruit and flowers, this silky bodied, intensely sweet and very clean coffee mingles blueberry, honeydew, jasmine, brandy and cocoa in the cup. The Nekisse was purchased from the trend setting Ninety Plus. Ninety Plus develops unique cutting edge coffees by managing all phases of the supply chain- from planting to farm management to distribution. The Nekisse was grown without pesticides in the Sidama and Shakisso regions of Ethiopia and processed in such a way to make the most of the natural elements while limiting the consumption of water. Availability: Pour-Over ($7) and Retail ($19.50/ 1/2 lb). In stores and online.

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