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First a testimonial: "As we went around the table, discussing each coffee, I saw light bulbs start to go off- they were really getting it!" -Denny A couple of you lucky folks have already stumbled upon our barista led cafe cuppings. This past Friday afternoon, for the second week in a row, we cleared off the new front oval table up at the 15th Ave. Cafe, placed the gibralter cups around and shared in tasting some really great coffee. Our barista, and very own assistant staff trainer, Denny, fielded questions about processing and sourcing coffee. Join our staff this week and for weeks to come on Fridays at 1:30. And if that were all, but no, starting this week we will be holding WEEKEND cuppings. You have been asking for it, finally something for all you 9-5ers. Starting this Saturday you can enjoy cuppings on the weekend at our Beacon Hill location at noon. Original Cafe, 411 15th Ave E.: Fridays at 1:30 PM The Roastery, 310 E. Pike Street: Sunday Afternoons Beacon Hill Cafe, 3215 Beacon Ave S: Saturday at Noon

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