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coffee-in-el-salvador Our new EL Salvador, Finca El Carmen, Ataco- Red Bourbon, is mild and perfectly balanced. Nearly everyone will find this medium body, medium acidity, chocolaty, sugary, slightly fruity coffee delightful. While this coffee may not be the most exotic offering on the menu, it is a crowd pleaser- the perfect everyday coffee. We had our first opportunity to show off our new El Salvador last Thursday, at a fancy local wine and food event sponsored by Futurwise. Late in the evening after a number of glasses of wine and plates of locally produced sausage and sauteed greens, people came in droves to our little coffee station, some eager to talk and others wanting to sober up. We placed three single origins on the table and discussed their distinctive qualities. When it came time to discuss the El Salvador, here is a little synopsis of what we said: 1. The Finca El Carmen has been in the same family since the early 19th Century and the coffee comes from an heirloom Red Bourbon varietal. 2. The coffee trees are grown under 60% shade cover that both helps migratory birds and helps insure even ripening of the coffee cherries. (We love it when we can choose coffee that is both exceptional and environmentally sound!) 3. At harvest, only the ripe cherries are picked. They are pulped on the same day, washed in natural mountain spring water and sun dried on clay patios. My prediction: A lot of you will buy this coffee and make it at home or come back for a number of french press refills at one of our cafes. Who among you does not like a coffee that tastes the way a warm, soft blanket on a crisp fall day feels? In the cafes and online: $14/ lb

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