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Smack Down? Like wrestling? Well sort of.  
Frequent Victrola Blog readers may remember a few months back a post about a crazy latte art competition between our very own baristas (complete with fists punching the air, obscenities, and moon- walking).   [gallery] This time we used Coffee Fest as a great excuse to gather with baristas and industry cats from near and far. We ate fancy cheese, drank good beer (and some PBR), swooned over Jack Wilson, and fought it out for the glory (as well as for a decent pot of money and some coffee geek swag). 32 baristas competed and after the dust settled, we were left with Chris Giannakos from Cafe Crema in Vancouver, BC as the winner and William Kevin from Cafe D'arte as the runner up. Thanks again to all who helped us with this great event especially Barista Exchange and Espresso Parts NW. Do you want to read more? http://cleanhotdry.com/news/coffee-fest-latte-art-smackdown/

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