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We get a lot of requests from home roasters, asking if they might be able to buy some of our green coffee.  And for awhile now, we've unofficially obliged those who've stopped by the Roastery when we're around.  There's a big home roasting community out there, and we have a deep respect for what goes into the whole process of selection, experimentation, and roasting coffee using apparati different from industrial use production models (ever hear of the Heat-Gun-Dog-Bowl method?).  Even Perry, our head roaster, started his career as a home roaster! Now that we're a little more organized, we're pleased to offer green coffee on our online store!!  The selection is limited at this point, but we'll be adding more coffees as we post more descriptions :) We probably won't sell all of the green coffees we stock at Victrola, but most of our single origins will be available. Perry has written about each available green coffee with the home roaster in mind, but please be aware that because we're a small and efficient roasting operation (it's pretty much Perry and Joe, folks),  we don't have the luxury to spend the time we'd like in fielding questions about home roasting.  However, we want to encourage you with the knowledge that there is a huge online presence of home roasting information that awaits, and nearly any question you might have will have one or many answers on the web. So for all of you out there who want to know more about coffee, or have said you are interested in roasting, just do it!  Go out there, buy a popcorn popper, or a heat gun and a dog bowl, or one of the many home roasting machines out there and give it a try.  Getting started is easy, and roasting a batch only takes about 15 minutes!
[caption id="attachment_650" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Perry does some home roasting up at the Finca Vista Hermosa in Guatemala"]Perry does some home roasting up at the Finca Vista Hermosa in Guatemala[/caption]

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