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Victrola is pleased to announce that starting September 1, we will have a "V3": Victrola on Beacon Hill!!  You may have been there before, as Galaxie Espresso... and if you have, you'll know that it makes perfect sense for this lovely cafe to become a part of the Victrola family! Since opening Galaxie Espresso two years ago, founders Yen and Woody have focused on creating a space that would both on foster a neighborhood community and brew some kick-ass coffee.  We think they've done a great job!  Not only have they always served Victrola coffee, but they've also cultivated a loyal following of local customers (just read their reviews on Yelp and see all the great things their customers have to say). Now Yen and Woody are hanging up their aprons to spend more time with their daughter Scarlett, and we'll be working with them to ensure a smooth and positive transition... which is basically covering Woody's shifts behind the bar! :)  We'll keep you posted with more details as we have them!

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