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[wp_caption id="attachment_585" align="aligncenter" width="184" caption="July/August issue of Roast Magazine"]July/August issue of Roast Magazine[/wp_caption] ... because Victrola is in it! As a reprise to his review on Brasils a few months ago, Kenneth Davids has revamped that piece as an article in the new July/August issue of Roast Magazine.  Capping the article are detailed reviews of the top three coffees, and our head roaster, Perry, is even quoted!  Here he describes the Victrola roast of Brasil Cerrado Fazenda Esperanca (lot 302 pulped natural):
"We use this coffee with another Brasil and they make up the base of our espresso blend.  So we did a couple of roasts of it and liked how they cupped at a lighter, faster roast.  It's very versatile, with a wide sweet spot.  You can treat it a number of different ways and get a number of different results out of it."
Stop in sometime and order up a doppio, and see if you can't detect this wonderful coffee in our Streamline espresso blend (also available online, or course)!

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