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Rancho Sao BeneditoDryiing patio

And that's "bomb" in the best way possible, yo! We don't know how he did it, but our rather charming Brasilian coffee importer, Bruno of Beccor, found this stunning new Brasil from Carmo de Minas. Read on:

Coming from the small Brasilian estate of Mariana de Carvalho Junqueira, this amazing pulped natural coffee has us reeling with its light, fermenty sweetness. The juicy, yet gentle acidity opens up to a tea-like flavor – leaving notes of sweet basil, almond, and fragrant rosewater. Its characteristics are so enchanting and ethereal, it leaves us to wonder about the magical properties of the Rancho São Benedito.
We were also pleased to find out that Sra Junquiera's coffee was a Brasil Cup of Excellence winner in 2006 (they didn't have it last year, if you're wondering...), and it's no wonder why! We've even classed this coffee under our "Extra Special Coffees" category. That's right, we're so in love with it, we want to marry it. Try it at home, as always, from our online store, or in our cute little cafes on Capitol Hill. You'll see us drinking mugs of Brasil with smiles on our faces.

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