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We were so pleased and honored to see the review (with a score of 90!) as given by Kenneth Davids and Heather Perry (barista champion).  Check out the review and related article!  Or just see the synopsis below:
Flowers and tropical fruit in the sweet-toned aroma. For co-taster Heather Perry (88), "Floral notes turned to orange, berry, spice and cocoa, complex yet balanced and sweet" in the small cup. Ken (91) agreed. However, Heather found the shot in milk "very rough" whereas Ken liked it: "sweet, balanced, with a banana-toned chocolate."
And you can try this delicious coffee in a mug of French pressed coffee in our cafes, or take it home and try it out.  Available online and in our cafes, as always.  Single origin espresso aficionados should note that we roasted the reviewed Harar a tad darker than our normal production roast, but it will still produce tasty results in your home espresso machine!

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