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We're always proud of our roasters, because they do such a great job every day.  But today is an especially good one; not only because our Yemen Mocca Sanani was featured on Coffee Review, but also because that particular roast was Perry's first go at this Yemen.  Nice work!  Read the full review here.  Or the short version here:
Janus-like coffee: sweet, rich, and lushly fruity with an herby bitter note that, depending on taste, either complicates or shadows the main event of the fruit. In the aroma the lushly fermented fruit reads as rich, cherryish chocolate with a hint of flowers and pungent cedar. In the cup gently acidy, medium bodied, crisply sweet with continued cherry- and chocolate-toned fruit and the bitterish rosemary note. Sweetness and chocolate prevail in the surprisingly clean finish.
Thanks again, Ken Davids and Co.!  We'll keep doing our best.

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