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Mark is excited I asked Mark today if he was excited about departing for Guatemala next week, and this is the reaction he gave to the camera. He is madly excited! As he should be! For the first time ever, Victrola is going to origin. As a small roaster, we have relied heavily upon our trusty importers and their relationships with the coffee growers. Traveling to origin has long been on our wish list, but not within our capacities. However, this Thursday, Mark, Perry, Mike, and Lindsay will board an airplane to take them to meet Edwin Martinez (of Finca Vista Hermosa, who will be the guide and hand-holder throughout the experience) in Guatemala City. There, they'll meet up with a handful of other coffee folk, and embark upon a five day adventure of cupping, hiking, visiting, and touring around the Huehuetenango Highlands of Guatemala. It's also harvest time, so they'll be looking forward to "helping" with the picking, sorting, and processing of the coffee cherries. This is Victrola's opportunity to gain a much fuller understanding of the entire route a coffee bean takes: from the tree to the cup. We're hoping this experience will make us better roasters, trainers, and representatives of the Victrola coffee resource base. And we want to share this experience with you! Yes, you. Which means that, not only will we have lots of great stories and pictures when we get back, but we'll be updating this blog, live from Huehuetenango!! So starting next week, March 14, keep checking back for updates. It's bound to be an amazing trip.

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