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caucabag1.jpg We just released our newest offering, the Colombia Cauca Tierradentro Organic! When we tasted our sample of this coffee, we knew we had to have it. And now it's ours, all ours!! Well, maybe not exclusively, but we get to drink it every day now, and that makes us happy. Here's the skinny: This is your classic, well-balanced, clean Colombia! Nestled between the Northern Andes and the Pacific Ocean, the coffee growing region of Cauca is known for setting itself apart from the ubiquitously abundant Colombian coffee industry. The quality is apparent here; with a smooth finish, milk chocolaty undertones, and delightful acidity that one would hope to be present in every Colombian coffee – just like in the old days. Let the Tierradentro take you back to the days of comforting percolated coffee with Grandma’s crumble cake. Mmmm... crumble cake... that sounds so good. That aside, we've already been pressing the Tierradentro in the cafes, and now it's available for purchase to bring home in whole bean format (both from the cafes and on-line).

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