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Victrola Cupping class Join us for our latest Four-part Fall Cupping Series at the Victrola Roastery at 310 E Pike St. This will be more in-depth exploration of the coffee world than our weekly public cuppings (or, coffee tastings) on Wednesdays, but still with your enthusiastic and knowledgeable Victrola coffee buddies: Keith, Perry, and Lindsay. **Note: If you attended our Summer Series, these classes will be very much the same.

The Nitty Gritty (see below for class descriptions):

October 21 – Intro to Cupping October 28 – Processing November 4 – Blending November 18 – Roasting


Each session is on a Sunday, starts at 9am, and will run between 2 and 3 hours long. We'll even send you off with a half-pound of coffee after each class to enjoy at home. Our only request is that you refrain from wearing perfume or cologne! Max. attendees: 15/class. Cost: $15/class, $50 for all four sessions, plus sales tax (reserve your spot by pre-paying... you can email cupping@victrolacoffee.com... we're hoping to set it up on our online store soon, as well, but give us a bit of time to figure it out :) Class Descriptions:

INTRO TO CUPPING: This first cupping, or coffee tasting, will be focused on familiarizing you with the whole rigmarole: portioning, grinding, smelling, steeping, smelling again, breaking the crust, skimming, and slurping up some tasty, fresh-roasted Victrola coffee! We'll also provide a general introduction to coffee: some history, botany, geography; where it grows, how it's harvested and processed, and how it gets from origin to the Roastery.

PROCESSING: This second session will explore the widely accepted that the method of processing, or how the cherry is removed from the coffee bean, is the variable with the most influence over how the coffee will ultimately taste.

BLENDING: This is our most hands-on class in the series, since you'll be able to play the mad scientist and concoct your own custom blend of coffees (and you'll even get to bring a half pound of it home)! And if you didn't get enough caffeine, we'll be pulling shots of espresso of the single-origin components of our espresso. Whoa!

ROASTING: This is the capstone class for our four-part series, so get ready to talk about, learn about, and even help a little, with the roasting process. We'll be firing up our production Diedrich roaster (you'll get to bring a half pound of it home -- doesn't get any fresher than that!), and Perry’s going to bring in his home roaster and show how you can DIY! To finish it all off, we’ll be cupping the same coffee, but roasted to different degrees… so you can truly relate flavor to roast profile.


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