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Retro Mandheling No, you won't find us wearing tight neon spandex or Aquanetting our hair into a cascade of bangs (though check out this RAD album cover that Justin dug up... we asked him to find his most amazingly "retro" album, and boy did he deliver!), but you will find us enjoying this tasty new Sumatra! The folks at Royal Coffee Importers dubbed this coffee “retro” because of its characteristics similar to that of a Sumatra they once loved and imported back in the eighties. Now they’ve uncovered another source, just north of Lake Tawar in the Bener Meriah region (where the pickers recognize the old coffee trees and keep their cherries separate)… and we can see why they pined after it. Just after being freshly ground, apricot jam, cloves, and fragrant wood fill the air. Brew it up, and you’ll find the unusually clean yet heavy mouthfeel -- coupled with macadamia nut, dried pear, sandalwood, and spice -- reminds you of rich, sweet, homemade cake. I don't know about you, but that makes me want to go grab a cup of French pressed coffee from the baristas, right now. You can too, at either of our locations. We also have bags of it available (looking for a nice home!), at the cafes and also online, of course. You can also be pretty sure that we'll have it on the cupping table at the Roastery for the next couple of Wednesdays... public cuppings start at 11am, and you're invited! See you there...

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