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Kotowa logo It's on the shelves, now, both literally at our cafes and figuratively online!

Every year we feel like the Best of Panama competition releases even better coffee than the year before; and this year was the best yet. While all the coffees were amazing, one in particular stood out: the Kotowa Organico, which comes to us from the Boquete growing region of Panama. Grown at an elevation of 4500-5600ft, these Tipica and Caturra varietals received a cupping score of 89.61 by the Best of Panama competition’s international panel of judges, placing it as #4 overall! We can definitely understand why: the softest velvet mouthfeel unfolds into a surprisingly lovely yet balanced brightness, and a slightly tart fusion of apricot, strawberry, and citrus coexists alongside the unmistakable presence of toffee. We don’t have much of this special coffee, so try it while you can, and be prepared for an extraordinary experience!

Please be aware that in order to better manage the freshness levels of the small quantity of this special coffee, we will only roast the Kotowa every other Friday (currently slated roast dates are 7/17, 7/27, 8/10, 8/24... we'll keep you posted past September depending on consumption rate). Since we don't like to send out coffee that's been roasted more than a few days before, PLEASE BE AWARE THAT WE MAY WITHHOLD YOUR ONLINE ORDER OF PANAMA AND ANY ACCOMPANYING COFFEES UNTIL THE NEXT ROAST DATE IN ORDER TO ENSURE YOU RECEIVE THE FRESHEST COFFEE POSSIBLE. If you order in between roast dates, we will contact you to confirm. Please call/email us in the Roastery if you have any questions: 206.325.6080, roaster@victrolacoffee.com

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