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Kudos to those who made it for the latest cupping class, despite the sunny skies on a Fourth of July weekend morning! The topic of discussion was blending, and if I could say so myself, I think it was our best session ever! First, Keith and Perry gave us some background on blending: what it is, why it's done, how you do it, and that sort of thing. Then we turned everyone loose and let them create their own coffee blends. We cupped them all, and to be honest, they were all pretty darn good!

After letting everyone have a breather, we moved into the Cupping/Training room and pulled shots of the single-origin components of Streamline. Yep, it was a lot of espresso, but our die-hard participants persevered and made it through the five different coffees.

What a great time, what a great group! It makes us really look forward to the next and last cupping in this series (on Sunday, August 5th), when we'll be talking about the various aspects of roasting and how they affect the quality of your cup of coffee. We're hoping to give everyone some time at the roaster, turning batches, so it should make for an exciting time!



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