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giada-12.jpg Giada De Laurentiis, of Food Network fame, spent the evening with us at Victrola last night. Her new show "Giada's Weekend Getaway" is being filmed over the next few months and is set to premier in January 2007. Since Giada has excellent taste, she made Victrola her Seattle coffee stop. We were pleased to find out her coffee drink of choice is an Americao (not a 16oz non-fat extra hot vanilla latte!). She got to hang out and have a killer Americano along with one of our very special Sidamo Cakes - a super rich chocolate cake made with our Ethiopia Natural Sidamo hand crafted by Sue McCown at Coco La Ti Da. Giada is as charming in person as we all heard about and her crew was just as awesome. There was lots of mayhem and craziness here. Lots of lights, camera and action. Thanks to all of our customers for hanging out in the middle of the film set! giada32.jpg giada21.jpg giada1.jpg Another round of thanks to Hot Club Sandwich. They played a bunch of their original songs to entertain both Giada and all of us behind the bar. Many regulars were happy to see them back in action at Victrola. hcs.jpg hcs2.jpg Rachel was at the helm last night, making Giada the best coffee she's ever had. Lucky, lucky Rachel got to be in the spotlight showing off her coffee skills... giada11.jpg giada101.jpg Ciao Giada!! autograph.jpg

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