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niccoe2.jpg niccoe4.jpg niccoe51.jpg After spending the week sample roasting, profiling and cupping we are releasing our 2006 Nicaragua Cup of Excellence Terra Linda today. We all agree..this is one incredible coffee. ni06-l12-1.gif ni06-l12-2.gif ni06-l12-3.gif Maria Tercera Alfaro, a 69 year old mother of six, grows this coffee with the help of her nephews on Terra Linda/San Antonio, her 35 hectare farm. This is the second year that Ms. Alfaro's coffee has won a place in the Cup of Excellence auction, and the first year that Victrola has had the honor of being the only roaster in north America to offer her coffee. Terra Linda won us over early in our cupping flights with fresh cut tobacco, plums and golden raisins in the dry aroma, burnt sugar in the wet aroma and pomegranate, honeydew melon and baker's chocolate in the cup. The fruit! The plump, juicy, clean acidity! Lord help us if we don't make it to Nicaragua this year to kiss the hand of Ms. Alfaro to thank her for her beautiful coffee.

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